15 Career Options, One Amazing Opportunity
at the Utah Highway Patrol

The DPS helicopter crew is performing a hoist training with one person on the hoist and two sitting in the door of the helicopter which is in flight.

Aero Bureau

The pilots and tactical flight officers (TFOs) of the DPS Aero Bureau provide invaluable and lifesaving assistance to individuals, law enforcement and state agencies. TFOs assist the pilot in all aspects of the flight and are a critical part of the air crew.
A UHP K9 stands in front of a pile of bags of vacuum packed marijuana.

K9 Unit

K9 officers are dual purpose, trained in either interdiction (drug) or explosive detection, as well as patrol. The K9 goes home with the handler every day. In addition, K9 handlers provide demonstrations for public information and education as well as community outreach.
Four members of the motor squad stand by their motorcycles which are parked next to the helicopter/


Motor officers enjoy the small size of the bike during the spring/summer/fall and spend the winters in their patrol car. Benefits include traveling around the state for enforcement, attending parades, and being a part of motor escorts for a variety of events.
UHP Trooper standing in front of cruiser and helicopter


UHP Troopers work with a purpose to reduce crime, crashes, and deaths on Utah roadways. They engage in high-volume and balanced traffic enforcement on every shift with a focus on DUI detection, Seat Belt Violations, Speeding, Distracted/Drowsy Driving, and Equipment Violations.
A member of the dive team is wearing a wetsuit and standing in waist deep water at Deer Creek Reservoir.

Dive Team

The DPS Dive Team is utilized by agencies across the State of Utah and neighboring states to provide assistance to aquatic homicide investigations and accidental drownings. The dive team is a part-time position and officers are expected to work in their sections full time.
A UHP trooper observes as a female performs the heel toe walk as part of a sobriety test.

DUI Squad

Have a passion for getting impaired drivers off of Utah’s roads? Our DUI squad works hard and travels to different parts of the state to provide enforcement to high volume areas. These troopers are expected to be proficient in DUI arrest and keep up to date on training and current trends.
A UHP charger is parked in front of the state capitol building at night.

Capitol Security

Troopers that serve in this capacity are tasked with becoming proficient in other areas of responsibilities which include: bike patrol, K9- Explosive Detection, Public Protection Unit, SERT, Court Security, and Threat Management.
Drone photo shows aerial view of a tanker truck that tipped over on a roadway and is blocking all lanes.

Crash Investigation

The Major Crash Investigation Team provides an in depth investigation into serious traffic collisions throughout the state. Troopers interested in becoming a member of MCIT must go through six weeks of extra crash investigation.
Eight members of the executive protection squad are wearing suits and standing in front of a a black SUV parked in front of the capitol.

Dignitary Protection

Dignitary Protection is a full time position that troopers are selected for; they are responsible for providing protection and security to the Governor, First Lady, Lt. Governor year round and visiting dignitaries as needed.
A UHP Trooper stands by the cab of a semi truck.

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicle troopers work with the UDOT to educate and encourage safety administration compliance. They are highly trained in the detection of unsafe vehicles, and performs inspections on all fatal crashes involving a commercial vehicle.
Two UHP troopers ride bikes in the parking lot at SLCC.

SLCC Policing

Troopers in Section 21 provide a safe and secure educational learning environment for all students, faculty and campus visitors of Salt Lake Community College. Troopers have the opportunity to patrol in their vehicles, foot, and bike patrol.
Two members of the SBI alcohol enforcement team stand on the edge of the seating area at a concert.

SBI Agent

The State Bureau of Investigation is the detective division of the Department of Public Safety. Within SBI, there are several different subdivisions that conduct different investigative activities, including Alcohol Enforcement, Major Crimes and the Narcotics Task Force.
Members of the SERT team approach a house as part of a warrant service


The Special Emergency Response Team (SERT aka SWAT) consists of one full-time coordinator and 15 part-time operators who respond to incidents, assist with training, plan operations, and provide tactical response throughout Utah.
Four UHP Troopers are dressed in riot gear and holding shields that read "Police" and are participating in a PPU training exercise.

Public Protection

The Public Protection Unit manages situations with thorough training, understanding and minimum use of force. As PPU troopers complete their other assignment on the road, they will respond as needed to civil unrest and at the request to assist other agencies.
Members of the UHP honor guard stand at parade rest.

Honor Guard

The UHP Honor Guard has been a specialized unit within the patrol for over 20 years. The purpose of the unit is to represent the UHP at ceremonial functions and exemplify departmental “esprit de corps.”