Physical Assessment Test

Watch as Sgt. Fallows conducts a demonstration of the physical assessment test.

Vertical Jump (Standard: 15 Inches)

  • The participant stands with feet flat on the floor about shoulder width apart and while looking forward reaches up with both hands as high as possible. A mark is measured where the fingertips touch.  This is the standard reach.
  • The participant will jump and reach as high as possible and hit the measuring tabs. The highest tab that is touched determines the results.
  • Prior to each jump, one foot must remain stationary on the floor. The score is the distance between the standard reach and the jump mark.
  • The best of three trials is the score.
  • Vertical Jump Standard: 15 inches
A UHP candidate performs a standing vertical jump.

Bent Knee Sit-Ups (Standard: 25 reps in one minute)

  • The participant starts by lying on his/her back, knees flexed at a right angle, feet flat on the floor at 0 – 12 inches apart, with the hands held behind the head (avoid pulling on the head with the hands). The buttocks must remain on the floor with no thrusting of the hips.
  • A partner holds the participant’s feet firmly to the floor by pressing down on the participant’s feet with their hands.
  • Hands must remain behind the ears on back of the head or neck. The participant sits up and touches the knees with the elbows breaking the vertical plane and then returns to the laying down position until the shoulder blades touch the floor.  This is one repetition.  The participant can rest in the up position only without relieving the abdominal pressure.
  • The participant then performs as many correct sit-ups as possible in one minute.
  • Sit-Ups – (One Minute) Standard: 25 reps
Three UHP candidates perform sit ups while UHP trooper monitor their form and count their reps.

Push-Ups (Standard: 16)

  • The hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, palms down with fingers pointing forward. The head, back, buttocks and legs must be kept straight from head to heels.
  • Start from the up position (elbows extended); the participant must keep the back straight at all times and lower the entire body to the floor until the back of the arms are level with the back (arms form a 90-degree angle). The participant then returns to the up position.  This is one repetition.
  • During the test, the subject cannot rest the body on the ground or move the hands or feet.
  • The score is the total number of correct push-ups completed without stopping.
  • Push-Ups – Standard: 16
Three UHP candidates perform push ups while Troopers monitor their form and count their reps.

1.5 Mile Run (Standard: 15 minutes 37 seconds)

  • Participants should not eat a heavy meal or smoke for at least 2 – 3 hours before the test. They should also warm up and stretch thoroughly before the test.
  • Each participant should have experienced some practice in pacing before the test.
  • The participant runs the 1.5 miles as fast as possible. The time it takes for the participant to run the 1.5 miles is then used to determine the fitness category of the individual.
  • Upon test completion, a mandatory cool-down period is enforced. 
  • 1.5 Mile Run – Standard: 15 minutes 37 seconds
UHP candidates run on an asphalt trail as part of the physical assessment test.
IMPORTANT – This test requires a nearly exhaustive effort.  It is assumed that the individual has had the proper medical examination and has been cleared for an exercise program.  Participants should not stand around immediately after the run.  Pooling of the blood in the lower extremities may occur which reduces the return of the blood to the heart.  An additional walk for at least five minutes after the test should be sufficient for the cool down period.