The UHP Hiring Process

The hiring process takes about 4-6 months to complete. Read about the details of each step in the process below.

Your Journey to Become a UHP Trooper Starts Here

Minimum Requirements (1)

20.5 years old, high school diploma or GED, U.S. Citizen or LPR card holder, no felony convictions.

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Read About Possible Disqualifiers
A group of troopers stand with the Governor and Lt. Governor on the west side of the state capitol building.

Apply Online (2)

All candidates must apply through the online portal.
Apply Now
Screen cap of the website through which all candidates for UHP trooper must apply.

Prepare for Testing Day (3)

Get ready for the Physical Abilities Test (PAT), Written Exam and Initial Interview.

More Information
UHP candidates run on an asphalt trail as part of the physical assessment test.

Background Investigation (4)

The personal history of every applicant will be thoroughly investigated, with the areas of investigation including education, employment, finances, military record, residences, motor vehicle operation, arrests, and convictions. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information during any phase of the selection process is grounds for disqualification. The background process can take three to five months, once assigned to a background investigator.
A screen cap of the document for the background check.

Majors Interview (5)

Applicants will undergo an interview with UHP Assistant Superintendents. Successful candidates may receive a conditional offer of employment and move on to the next steps of the selection process.
Major Nigbur sits at a table taking notes during an interview.

Psych Exam, Medical Evaluation Polygraph Exam (6)

Clearing backgrounds means the applicant moves on to the psychological, medical evaluation, and polygraph. The psychological evaluation is both written – answering an inventory of hundreds of yes-no questions – and verbal, interviewing with a State of Utah contracted psychologist. The medical evaluation includes a vision acuity test, color vision test. A drug screening will also be required. Each applicant will be required to undergo a polygraph examination.
Chair with polygraph equipment around and on it.

Start the Academy (7)

An applicant who successfully passes every test and evaluation will then be put on a hiring roster, pending an official offer and Academy start date.
Academy Information
A group of POST cadets sits and stands at the top of a hill following their final workout at POST.

Hiring Bonus

Currently offering a $5,000 hiring bonus for those with prior law enforcement experience. An extra $2,500 is offered upon POST certification.
Out-of-state lateral transfers must contact POST (Police Officer Standards and Training) to take the LEO Waiver Test.

Matching Years

The Utah Highway Patrol will match years of service up to 12 years.